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    Human Resources

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    Complete the questionnaire as if you were applying for an Human resource position.

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    ? Save this questionnaire to a disk or on your computer using an easy-to-remember file name.
    ? Complete the supplemental questionnaire as if you were applying for an Human resource position.

    Name: _________________________________________________________________

    1. Describe your specific recruitment and selection experience, and indicate the total number of years of professional experience you have working in the human resources field. Please include all related experience including employer(s), your job title(s), dates employed, and the number of employees you supervised, if applicable.
    My specific recruitment and selection experience includes:
    1. Using job websites to generate resume relevant for the vacant positions:
    2. Maintaining company recruitment notices and forms on websites.
    3. Developing, designing and publishing printed advertisements for positions at all levels.
    4. Contacting and contracting with head hunters for specific executive and managerial persons.
    5. Conducting job interview for all levels;
    6. Examining, assessing and checking references of resume.
    7. Conducting joining formalities for the joining employees.

    My employers between June 1998 and August 2005 was Blue View Inc. My positions were HR Recruitment Assistant and HR Recruitment Officer. Employees supervised 2
    My employers between September 2005 and Present is Lake Tools Inc. My position is Manager HR, recruitment. Employees supervised 3.
    2. Give an example of your specific experience with coordinating, developing, and administering job-related selection procedures including assessment techniques, written examination tools, and job simulation exercises for a centralized human resources department. Describe your specific role in its implementation and the methods you utilized to ensure content validity. Describe the assessment process you utilized to support content validity.
    My experience was:
    A standard resume form was developed. This helped data entry into computer program and rate electronically the different resume.
    An systems related test was developed in consultation with the IT department in the company for screening applicants. This was a computer based test.
    A ...

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