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    Job description document derived & impact a healthcare organization

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    Job descriptions are important in the HCO setting.

    Do you also believe they should be used (integrated) with performance reviews?

    Is there ever a case where "and perform duties as assigned" is appropriate to the description or is this a cop-out?

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    I'm not sure whether you want the answer to the first or second part of your posting or both, so here we go.

    Job descriptions in the healthcare setting (as in any other ) should focus on 'role' i.e. what the individual is expected to do, and 'responsibility' i.e. what they are accountable for, who they are accountable to and who is accountable to them.

    They should recognise personal, professional and corporate status and regulations, ethics and public liability. In the case of professional practitioners like doctors, nurses, physiotherapists etc., the essentials of their job descriptions are often ...

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    The expert examines job description documentation derived and its impact on healthcare organization.