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    Systems in Healthcare

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    How is a job description document derived and how does it impact a healthcare organization?

    Objective:Identify the types of standards and indicators used in performance measurement and evaluate some of the barriers and issues with those performance measurements.

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    How is a job description document derived and how does it impact a healthcare organization?

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    Have hospital staff list the specific office functions that they perform. This list should include their routine, day?to?day tasks as well as those that are more broadly a part of the office's strategic plan. It should distinguish between essential and secondary functions. Be sure to have them include reasonable performance goals for the year. Upfront agreement on what supervisors expect of hospital staff prevents jarring surprises during hospital staff evaluations and provides guidance as to what the priorities of the office are. Hospital staff should list the resources they need to fulfill their job requirements. Include needs such as computer access, a travel budget, intern assistance and, especially, management and hospital staff support. For example, will the Doctor need to get need to get the Administrator's approval for certain types of initiatives? Will the Registered Nurse need annual training from a certain institution? Have hospital staff list other tasks or responsibilities that they ...