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Six Sigma

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Describe both DMAIC and DMADV. When is one used instead of the other?

Include scholar references.

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DMAIC is for Six Sigma to help eliminate defects from products or even processes that occur. A person can use DMAIC in a number of ways. This is most effective when a product or processes exist, but are not meeting the customer's expectations, or when things are not working properly. To break down the code further for DMAIC, each letter has a meaning. The D stands for define. An individual defines the project or goal as well as the customer. These are entailed when both internal and external processes are deliverable. M means to measure and determine what the customer is wanting and what specifications they are seeking with a given product. When a company uses A it means to analyze what is causing all of the defects. Then a person has to improve it, which is the letter I in the acronym. Once all of this is complete, the C means to control anything like this from occurring in the future. As one can tell by using DMAIC, a person can eliminate many issues with it by using Six Sigma in ...

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This solution described both DMAIC and DMADV, and when is one used instead of the other.

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