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Concepts to Affect Current Careers

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1. Can an administrator combine doing well for government (efficiency and effectiveness) and doing the public good (customer satisfaction)? If so, how? If not, why?

2. What three concepts or techniques from this course might affect your current or future career in public administration? Discuss one of these concepts in detail.

3. What public policy issue might present difficulties for a public administrator in terms of meeting both legal mandates and constituentsâ?? needs or demands? How can a conflict of interest affect ethical decision-making?

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The concepts to affect current careers are examined.

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Role of Public Administrator

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An administrator is responsible for managing governmental plans and policies along with the management of public goods so that citizens and public of his state can be satisfied. He is responsible for addressing areas like prolonged economic growth, the advancement of social development, alleviating infrastructure expansion and defending the environment, encouraging public- private relationships, handling development programmes and holding a legal framework for development (Milakovich, & Gordon, 2008). All these duties of a public administrator define his key role in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of government plans along with the advancement of citizens in the form of satisfaction.
With the discussion of role played by a public administrator it can be said that an administrator cannot combine doing well for government and doing the public good as he is bounded by various limitations' and for any public good he has to take permission from his higher level authorities, which usually does not allow him to go beyond their limitations as it can lessen their own effectiveness and efficiency in terms of managing budgets (Milakovich, & Gordon, 2008). His ...

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