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Global Managers in Strategic and Operational Challenges

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The key operational challenge in front of global managers at Google was to establish operations in China use Chinese servers and provide self-censored content in personalized, localized manner to ensure that no regulations are being violated and Chinese consumers can have access to as much information as possible. Being a heavily regulated nation with totally different culture and lack of English as a business or local knowledge, it was a big challenge for Google's executives to set up a successful base for operating in China.
Google had to strike a delicate balance between its core philosophy of providing maximum possible information to consumers vis-à-vis compromising its philosophy and brand image in this very difficult, yet attractive and large market, i.e., China.
It was a big strategic challenge Google's top management to explain to the public and its numerous stakeholders and shareholders about the rationale behind this decision to compromise on its policies and expanding China. Google had to clearly explain why it contradicted its own philosophy of "Don't be evil" and continues to compromise in the Chinese market by stressing on the fact that it will be a big mistake on part of Google to deprive almost one fifth of the world's population that lives in China, of Google's services.

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The major challenge for Google's managers in China was to established operations in compliance with strict laws and regulations of the chinese government. Google's staff had to ensure that content should be censored, personalized and localized in such a way that regulations are complied with and at the same time, chinese users get access to maximum possible ...

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