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    Nike the Seatshop Debate

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    See the attached file.
    Nike the seatshop debate.
    Google in china. I just need only in Google in china with 500 hundred word with intro and conclusion APA guideline
    a. Describe the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges that confront the global business presented in Google in china case study.
    b. Determine the various roles that host governments played in this particular global business operation.
    c. Summarize the strategic and operational challenges facing global managers illustrated in selected case.
    2 references from attachment.
    Email me if you are working on it
    Google in china is at the end of the chapter.

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    Please find guidelines for preparing a paper for Google in China.

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    Running Head: GOOGLE IN CHINA

    Google in China

    Google is one of the biggest players in the internet Industry, which is publicly traded company and provides almost all kinds of keyword searching. The company is specialized in the online marketing and searching. The business produces most of its profits from keyword based advertising (About Google, 2010). According to the company the most effective and ultimate way to fulfill their mission is to put the user need first. The company is aiming to develop tracking mechanisms, deliver new advertising technology and provide a larger base of information search for users as its long term objectives (Hardy, 2005). Mainly, the geographical market of Google is developed countries but it includes the market of developing countries also where it finds new customer base and potential growth (Company Overview, 2010).
    By means of the following report, the reader would be able to understand the growth and success of Google in China. This report will summarize the various parameters that are associated with legal, cultural and ethical challenges faced by the company in Chinese business environment. In addition, this paper will also discuss about the role of host government plays in global business operations and strategic and operational challenges for Google in global business environment.
    Google in China
    The Chinese language services of Google were started in ...

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