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    //Prior to writing for this query, it is quite essential to thoroughly read the case given with it, which is concerned with trade disputes between Boeing and Airbus. According to the given directions, you are required to define legal, cultural & ethical challenges, role of government on this issue and strategic & operational challenges. I would like to assist you on this topic, so that you can answer it effectively. //

    Boeing vs. Airbus

    In the commercial aircraft industry, American manufacturers, such as Boeing and McDonnell Douglas were serving around two-third market of the world during 1980s. These companies were the major contributor to the U.S balance of trade and economy. During the year 1996, when Boeing announced to acquire McDonnell Douglas behemoth, it was thought that the dominance of the U.S. in aircraft industry would be further strengthened. But, this dominance was endangered with the development of Airbus industry, a consortium of four European aircraft manufacturers: British (20 % ownership stake), French (37.9%), German (37.9%) and Spanish (4.2%).

    Legal, Cultural & ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 701 words with references.