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Produce a Strategic Audit for Kodak

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Produce a Strategic Audit for Kodak.

Include IFAS, EFAS, and SFAS tables in Excel format, with narrative and detailed comments and in Word Document file with detailed narrative and comments along with copy of tables from Excel file.

Discuss implementation aspects:
o Programs
o Budgets
o Procedures

1,544 words, 7 references, three tables.

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The solution produces a strategic audit for Kodak.

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Please find guidelines and ideas for Kodak Strategic Audit in the attached files.


Kodak Strategic Audit

Current Situation
Eastman Kodak is a multinational US corporation that produces imaging and photographic materials and equipment. The company is well known for its wide range of photographic film products. In present, the company is re-focusing on its two major markets that are digital photography and digital printing. The current situation of the company is expected to continue and will negatively affect its operating results for the second half of fiscal 2010 (History of Kodak, 2010). For fiscal 2010, management expects revenues within the range of $7.5 billion to $7.7 billion. Kodak expects to report net earnings in a range of $350 million to $450 million in fiscal 2010 from a net loss of $210 million in the previous year, based on the strict cost control initiative undertaken by the company
Corporate Governance
Kodak believes that doing well by shareholders also means doing right by customers, employees, neighbors, and suppliers. It operates its facilities and designs and markets its products and services not only to increase shareholder value, but also to promote development of the individual, the well being of the community, and respect for the environment (History of Kodak, 2010). It conducts all its business activities with high ethical standards. It respects internationally accepted legal principles, and conforms to all countries laws in which it operates.
As well, the company is also committed to sound corporate governance. In this regard, the Company's diverse, independent Board of Directors has adopted publicly available governance principles. It promotes a work environment of equal opportunity for all employees and does not engage in unlawful discrimination (Corporate Responsibility Principles, 2010).
External Environment (EFAS)
EFAS Table

In the modern competitive world, it is very essential for an organization to evaluate the latest developments taking place in its business environment, so that it can maintain its business in the long run (Kurtz, MacKenzie & Snow, 2009). A thorough analysis of business's external environment can also help Eastman Kodak in identifying its various opportunities and threats that are as follow:
• The market of photography is changing significantly that present several opportunities to the company
• There is a paradigm shift to digital world
• The competition is increasing in the industry along with the change in the technology (Kurtz, MacKenzie & Snow, 2009)
• The increasing competition provides company with an opportunity to grab the diverse market
• The company's sales are declining due to increasing intensity of competition from its ...

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