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    Strategic Audit for Kodak

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    Can you help get me started on a strategic audit? I am going to use Kodak.


    This is for Chapter 11 of Hunger & Wheelen, Chapter 11 and Appendices 11.A, 11.B, & 11.C

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    Established by a visionary industrialist, the Eastman Kodak Company (Kodak) fashions memories and enjoyment for people around the globe. Kodak's ideologies comprise of: mass manufacturing at lower costs, wide-ranging marketing, global distributions, and continuous research and development; all with the consumer as the foundation. Kodak sells technology through imaging solutions to consumers and companies. Its solutions extend to video recorders and cameras, and related accessories; inkjet printers and user media; digital photo frames; online imaging galleries, etc (Kodak, 2010).
    Current Situation
    Kodak's initial camera was created by George Eastman in 1888; Mr. Eastman took a complex process and made it effortless and accessible for everyone. Kodak's motto is "you press the button, we do the rest" (Kodak, 2010); Kodak lives up to that motto everyday with its innovative solutions to devise effortless photography through its products and services; making it more pleasurable and functional for consumers.
    Known for its images and photography, Kodak products are employed in an array of applications. Kodak must utilize technology to unite its images and information; forming the possibility to powerfully modify how organizations and individuals communicate. This is along the same lines of Mr. Eastman's aspiration when he stated he wanted to make photography "as convenient as the pencil." Today, Kodak constantly increases the means in which its imagery touches lives. This could very well be a prime reason that Kodak is currently a principal worldwide enterprise, with brand recognition throughout the world (Kodak, 2010).
    Corporate Governance
    Over a century ago, Kodak's established its ethical business culture; this is one of the reasons Kodak's reputation has withstood time. Kodak's behaviors are governed by its guiding principles and procedures; including ethical and legal measures, established in its corporate responsibilities, principles and values. A significant aspect in Kodak's programming is through its transparency and eagerness to formulate strategies, while they account for their progression. Kodak's had voluntary responsibilities and conservation goals in position for more than a decade (Kodak, 2010).
    Corporate governance at Kodak is founded on its Board members. The Board is responsible for Kodak's executive decisions on significant operating concerns and directing Kodak's implementation of strategies by upper management. In addition to the Board of Directors, Kodak has a Board of Corporate Auditors who audits the Board's processes. In adhering to strict corporate governance, Kodak has instituted organizational systems founded on independent organizational implementation of all company domains, and a corporate governance structure (Kodak, 2010).
    Strategic Factors
    Kodak has been considerably swayed by various factors as identified in the aforementioned text. Kodak has moreover been significantly influenced by technological changes in altering and changing its organizational arrangement and culture. Kodak has always operated in a high-speed industry; due to this, Kodak has constantly experienced shorter timeframes of ...

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