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    Global Strategic Management: Strategic audit for Kodak

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    I am doing a strategic audit on the compnay KODAK. I need assistance with the following;

    Introduction about Kodak
    Their Current situation
    Their Corporate governance
    Conclusion about Kodak

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    I have provided you with the outline of a strategic audit. You can use this along with your notes and text to form the complete essay. I also provided the sites where the information you need it found. The entire kodak.com site is filled with information and the corporate site for investors is accessed at the bottom of the page.


    Since 1888, when George Eastman introduced the first camera that was easy to use and available to the public, Eastman Kodak and its predecessors was launched. Though it began in London, Eastman moved the company to the United States. It has provided innovation and changed the way people take pictures since. Among the innovations, Kodak is known for creating and advancing the pocket camera, film on rolls, and cameras for making movies, both personal and professional. Kodak is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and is a multinational corporation with brand and respect.

    Today the company is involved in imaging for healthcare, improving digital cameras and printing, selling the popular one use cameras and ...

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    Global strategic management for strategic audit for Kodak is examined.