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    Outline a Research Proposal for Eastman Kodak

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    Outline a research proposal that I will use for the strategic plan later. I have to include the following:

    a. How you intend to validate the Eastman Kodak Company vision and mission statements - in other words, do not identify them, but explain how you plan to analyze them for changes, if necessary
    b. Sources you expect to use to perform an external environmental analysis
    c. Sources you expect to use to perform an internal environmental analysis.

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    Research on Kodak

    Vision & Mission of Kodak

    A vision & mission statement of a company states company's ultimate objectives and the way to achieve those objectives. Kodak's vision is to make measurable improvement in the environmental aspect of products, services and operations (Kodak, 2008). To achieve this vision, Kodak includes the mission of providing a service that gives solution to capture, store, process, output, and communicate images to people and machines anywhere, anytime (Kodak). Above discussed vision and mission is purely valid and support each other. It is because Kodak focuses continuously on environmental aspects that make it trendy and unique as per need of the customers. The mission statement of Kodak is also quite favorable to achieve its ultimate objectives and also valid as it uses technologies and easiness in its equipments and products for the customers to provide them a better and environmental friendly experience. It provides facility to customers to capture, whatever and whenever they want.

    An analysis to know the validity of mission and vision statement of a company can be possible through a proper plan. To intend the validity of the mission and vision statement of Kodak, effectiveness of its organizational structure in the context of vision and mission would be analyzed. It is because effectiveness of organizational ...

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