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    Discussion on Strategic Choices Dealing with General Mills

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    Need help with a discussion on Strategic Choices dealing with General Mills. Can you help me understand this?
    What are General Mills' corporate-level strategies? What generic Porter strategy does the company follow? Are General Mills' strategic choices aligned with the Porter generic strategy you believe the company follows?
    Using the Grand Strategy Selection Matrix, or GSSM (the GSSM can easily be found via a Google search), decide which one of the four quadrants General Mills fits best within?

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    //The concept of business planning is followed by large and small-scale organizations to determine the specific course of action that helps in attaining revenue growth and increased profits. The business planning includes two concepts, which include setting goals and making strategic choices, to attain these objectives. In this context, the presented section elaborates the strategic Choice in specific reference to General Mills//.
    Strategic Choice in General Mills
    Making a strategic choice is defined as the process of decision-making used in the business organizations to respond to various pressures and influences of the external market. It is a process, which is followed by General Mills, to make an effective use of financial resources, human resources, productive capacity and distribution channels in the organization (Robbins, 2009). The company uses the strategic choice model to determine the sale of their products and services in the target market to their potential customers. With the help of this model, General Mills is able to acquire its competitors and gain a larger market share among the competitors in the business market. General Mills judiciously allocates the resources of the organization to increase the productivity and efficiency so that it can contribute to more profit margins.
    //Corporate Level Strategies can be defined as strategic move undertaken by the organization which are needed to be taken care by the top level Management of the organization. In this context, the presented section reflects the Strategic Choice in General Mills and their ...

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    The solution of 932 words discusses the corporate-level strategies of General Mills, and touching on the Porter Generic Strategy, GSSM and others.