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Describe's Mozilla's value chain

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Describe's Mozilla's value chain - what are their key activities? Why?
What are Mozilla's core competencies and key resources?
What are Mozilla's generic and grand strategies?
What is Mozilla's 'crowdsourcing' model?
How does this model 'fit' Mozilla's long-term goals and objectives?
What problems did LinkedIn and Google face in emulating Mozilla's volunteer model?
Has Mozilla's unique approach to innovation paid off?
Why does the model work in an organization such as Mozilla?
What are the opportunities for cost leadership, differentiation, speed-based, and market focused strategies?
What stage of industry evolution is the firm's industry in?
Using the grand strategy matrix, select a grand strategy that best fit's Mozilla's competitive advantage.


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Mozilla's Value Chain

A value chain is a group of companies that are working together to satisfy market demands. It may consist of many suppliers involved in adding value that is presented to the buying public or a few or one primary value suppliers. The technology vendors and open source community vendors contribute to Web technologies that are supported by the fire fox product. MoCo which is part of the open Source Community contribute to Mozilla Project. Red Hat, Google, and IBM also contribute to the great value of Mozilla Project. The open source community provides the product to Mozilla as well as the Application developers and Content Authors. The IT administrators, extension developers and distributors add value to the end users. A company is more likely to increase its market share if it develops a service or product that engenders a value chain by providing a platform for other companies than a company which tries on its own to provide the entire value chain (Beltzner, 2006).

Mozilla's Core competencies and key resources

Core competencies are the critical capabilities to a business achieving competitive advantage. One of the core competencies for Mozilla is that it can allow its users to view multiple pages without opening new windows by using the tabbed browsing. Mozilla also has the ability to erase browsing history retroactively from a particular site (New Executive Leadership, 2009).

Mozilla's generic and grand strategies

A company's generic strategy can be either differentiation strategy, low-cost leadership and focus strategy. The generic strategy for Mozilla is differentiation since it distinguishes its products and services from those of its competitors. Its differentiation is in terms of design, production process and quality. Mozilla differentiates its product by allowing its users to view multiple pages without opening new windows by using the tabbed browsing. A grand strategy is a combination of strategies with a general or comprehensive plan of actions that a firm intends to use in order to achieve long-term objectives in an environment that is dynamic. Mozilla's grand strategy is ...

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