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    Analysis: From Performance Management to Feedback Culture

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    Request assistance with summarizing "From Performance Management to Feedback Culture".

    Summarize the article identifying important information for a HR leader, and discussing why selected this article. In
    Apply the information to a professional environment with which you are (or were) familiar


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    Talent Management Article:
    The article Talent Management Excellence has important information for a leader. It asks the HR leader to move from a performance management to feedback culture. The article examines the performance appraisal systems(Willier, Patrick, 2016),. It explains how digitalization has changed the performance appraisal system. The HR leader can get several pointers about how to transform training for the better. The article explains why the leader should trust and bank on the workforce. Empowering and depending on employees can bring excellent results. The HR leader must understand that the HR meetings are an effective communication forum for employee concerns. Also, the article points out that the HR leader must know how to transfer knowledge from the pre-retirement employees. The purpose is to ensure that knowledge is preserved and passed on. Another takeaway for the HR ...

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