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Leadership types

Leadership types are contrasted.

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First of all, as you note one important point about leadership that you did not already intuitively know from interacting with family, friends, and business associates, it is that leadership is not just based on age, rank, or the most dominant personality. In my family, leaders were determined in that inherited, hierarchical sort of manner. Instead, I now advocate that leaders are often groomed and chosen much like our own president is elected: democratically. For example, research suggests that the democratic-participative leadership style encourages and "Allows employees to have a "say" in what is decided; operates in group mode with leader as one more member giving input" (http://cbae.nmsu.edu/~dboje/teaching/338/behaviors.htm).

In other words, I now support more collaboration in terms of leadership and a shared type of ownership. Research by Fred ...

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Leadership types are emphasized.