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Developing a Rewards Program

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I have to develop a reward program for a Multinational Corporation with new subsidiaries opening in Japan, France, and the United States. I need your assistance with answering the following questions:

- Why is it important to understand what motivates workers in these countries?
- Are the motivators different from those in the United States?
- How would you apply the motivation theories to develop your program?
- How would you design the right culturally appropriate program for each specific country?
- What sort of leadership would be most effective in these countries?
- Why do you need good leaders?

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Well let us look at what motivation is. You can obtain a definition from any text but I define it as the ability to inspire persons continuously so that they desire to achieve organizational goals.

Thus if you look at this definition you would see that the importance of motivation in any firm in any country is directly linked to the firm achieving its objectives. Without human resources no objective can be achieved. You need people who are productive and efficient to achieve the company's goals.

It is then important to determine what are the factors that influence people to work. Clearly the culturally different nations will have workers who value different things. The value they place on rewards both intrinsic and extrinsic will determine the best motivators. For instance, employees in the ...

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The solution develops a reward program for a multinational corporation with new subsidiaries opening in Japan, France and the United States. The importance to understanding what motivates workers in these countries is determined.