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    Rewards: "Potential Problems and Six Steps"

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    HRM 533 Total Rewards
    Week 2 Discussion 1: "Potential Problems"
    1.) Five common ways that a total rewards strategy can go astray are:
    1. Trying to re-engineer programs in pieces.
    2. Trying to implement changes all at once.
    3. Limiting the number of people involved.
    4. Not doing a thorough impact analysis.
    5. Not communicating effectively.
    Address each of these five potential problems with a recommendation that will overcome that situation and strategy that could have prevented it in the first place.

    Week 2 Discussion 2: "Six Steps"
    1.) Analyze, Design, Development, Implement, Communicate, and Evaluate comprise the six steps in the creation of a total rewards program. Devise a visual or graphic representation of these steps- circular, linear, or another type of figure-- and justify how the model fits that visual representation.

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    1. A way by which to overcome this situation is to seek to reengineer the totality of each program in an incremental manner. The strategy that could have prevented it this situation was to learn to conduct a situational analysis of each program in its totality, so that reengineering efforts could be developed in a method in which they can be utilized in a manner that is cohesive with the operational paradigm of the programs that are to be changed incrementally.

    2. A way to overcome this situation is to utilize a step-by-step methodology and schedule in order to implement the changes that are desired. A strategy that could have prevented this situation is to analyze the program that is to be changed, and to list the areas that need to be changed in order of their priority and importance. In this way the changes can be made in a ...