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    Describe two examples from a company using Theory Y, and explain the theory.

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    Describe two examples from a company that illustrate the use of Theory Y.

    Describe the situation, explain which theory it comes from and why you feel that it is an expample of Theory Y.

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    A Theory Y manager tends to believe that
    1. Given the right conditions for employees, their application of physical and mental effort in work is as natural as rest or play. Work is play, offers satisfactions and meaning.
    2. There are alternatives to reliance on external controls, pushing and threats - implied or real. These are not the only means for linking individual effort with organizational objectives. If people feel committed, they will exercise self-direction and self-control in the service of the firm's objectives.
    3. Their objectives will complement the firm's and commitment is a function of the "intrinsic" rewards associated with their achievement i.e. not just extrinsic rewards/punishments.
    4. The Theory Y manager recognizes the influence of learning. He/she believes that if the right conditions are created the average person learns not to accept and seek responsibility.
    5. The capacity to exercise ...

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    First, the six component parts of Theory Y are listed and explained followed by two more paragraphs of explanation. Next, the solution selected 3M (MMM) for an application of the theory.