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A Discussion On IP Theory, Encoding, Retrieval

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1) Draw/fill-in and explain IP Theory
2) Describe factors that may promote and hinder encoding
3) Describe factors that may promote and hinder retrieval
4) Compare and contrast and provide examples for 4Rs: Recall, Recollection, Recognition, and Relearning

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1) Draw/fill-in and explain IP Theory

The Information Processing Theory (IP Theory) was developed in the early 1950's and consists of three main systems: working memory, long-term memory and sensory memory. Working and sensory memory equip individuals to handle limited amounts of information they are receiving during the initial processing. Long-term memory serves as a storehouse for knowledge. (Schraw & McCrudden, 2006-2013)

2) Describe factors that may promote and hinder encoding

According to Hamilton (2003) when it comes to initial processing (encoding) of information individuals tend to be selective when listening to conversations or looking at stimuli. People chose what they want to give meaning to and what they want to process. Some conversations can be ignored, while ...

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A discussion on IP theory, encoding or retrievals is provided. The expert compares and contrasts examples of the 4R's.

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