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Memory strategies

Describe a situation in which you or someone else might be learning a new task or new information (for example, in school, at work, or in a social setting).

List three precise memory strategies that you believe will help you to effectively recall new information.

Explain how these strategies will help, making sure to include references to encoding and retrieval as well as to relevant theories related to these concepts.

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An example of a situation in which someone might be learning a new task could include many things, but let's say someone is learning to play the game of basketball. To learn this game, one might start by watching others play the game. After having seen how the game is played, the person could concentrate on one task at a time. So, for instance, first they could start with learning how to dribble the ball by bouncing it around on a basketball court. It would of course be helpful to have some kind of coaching, but by imitating what one has seen, one can use this memory method to learn how to dribble a ball. Imitation, then, is one method one could use to learn how to dribble a basketball.

Another way one could improve their memory is to use elaborative rehearsal. This is different than maintenance rehearsal where one just uses their memory. In elaborative rehearsal the person forms associations with other concepts in order to remember something. So let's say that someone is ...

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