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Development and retention of memory

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In helping to better understand memory development, how important is the use of strategies and how does the use of these learning strategies promote memory development?

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Memory operates a very great deal in the same way as a muscle. The more a particular muscle is used, the stronger it gets. The more a particular neural pathway in the brain is used, the stronger that connection becomes. Memory improves with practice.

That is one reason "games" that cause youngsters to use those neural pathways in short and long-term memory really do help strengthen recall, both short term and long term. Concentration learning games that make use of vocabulary terms on cards face down on one side of the table, and definitions face down on the other side of the table, which are matched up in pairs as the game is played help with visual spatial memory (where WAS that word I just saw?) and with the term-definition cognitive pairing as well.

Any other sort of memory game is also good to help strengthen the neural ...

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OTA discussion of memory development, strengthening activities and retention of memory power and scope, with suggested strategies for development and extension of memory.