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Comparing Short-term Memory to Long-term Memory

These questions are posed:

"How limited is short-term memory when compared to long-term memory? How does this affect our overall consciousness? Is the retention of information conscious or semi-conscious?"

Provide references. Thank you.

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Interesting questions!


1. How limited is short-term memory when compared to long-term memory?

Short-term memory (STM) simply means that you are retaining information for a short period of time without creating the neural mechanisms for later recall (e.g., obtaining and using a phone number from Directory Assistance.). (1) It is limited to
7 pieces of independent information. (e.g., 323-2000). In comparison, LTM is infinite in capacity & duration (2)

In other words, STM is characterized by:
. A limited capacity of up to seven pieces of independent information.
. The brief duration of these items last from 3 to 20 seconds.
. Decay appears to be the primary mechanism of memory loss. (3)

Long-term memory (LTM) is contrasted with STM. ...

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This job compares short-term memory to long-term memory in overall consciousness e.g. the limits of short-term memory when compared to long-term memory, the affect on overall consciousness, retention of information as either conscious or semi-conscious, etc. As a result, this job also offers thorough explanations to validate these questions. Extensive research sources are also provided to supplement the assertions.