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Short Term (STM) and Long Term Memory (LTM)

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Discuss the relation between short term memory and long term memory. I need help to set out the relationship between the two types of memory; how to set up an essay; how to write in order for it to flow; and where to begin, etc.

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This solution discusses the relation between short term and long term memory and, by example, provides assistance in how to write and organize a paper on this topic.

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This is an interesting topic indeed. Please see my response file attached. In my response, I have suggested a format for your essay and provided an excellent example essay demonstrating a suggested organizational format and content (see Memory1 attached) for your essay. I have provided information on general essay writing, as well. Good luck with your essay and take care.


Briefly, memory is talked about in terms of stages. The first stage is iconic memory, which lasts just a few seconds, during which you can to some degree revive the perceptual experience you are trying to remember. Think of this almost like the afterglow of a bright flash of light.

Then comes short-term memory, which may or may not be also described as working memory (they aren't necessarily the same thing), which ...

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