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Describe the stages of memory, short term working and long term memory process.
Highlight how memories are recalled by giving examples.

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Short term memory consists of the information that is active in your consciousness at the present time. These are the things that you are aware of. Some examples of this include your stomach grumbling, traffic outside your window, words in a book you are reading. These are all parts of your conscious awareness and are being stored in your short term memory. The duration of memory for the short term memory syatem is only about 18 seconds. It can generally store seven items of information. Working memory exists within short term memory. It is involved in the selection, initiation, and termination of information processing functions such as encoding, storing, and retrieving data.You can extend the length of time information can be kept in short term memory by engaging in something called rehearsal. Rehearsal is the process of repeating something over and over again in your mind so you do not forget it. If the information in short-term memory is rehearsed long enough it ...

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This solution provides a description of the stages of memory. It includes short term, long term and working memory. It also discusses how memories are recalled.