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Common Memory Management Techniques

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Explain common memory management techniques of operating system.

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The solution deals with common memory management techniques of operating systems.

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Memory Management Techniques

First of all, let's look at what memory management really is - It is usually divided into three areas: hardware, operating system, and application. In most computer systems, all three are present to some extent, forming layers between the user's program and the actual memory hardware.

Here we will only focus our attention on memory management with regards to operating systems.
"In the operating system, memory must be allocated to user programs, and reused by other programs when it is no longer required. The operating system can pretend that the computer has more memory than it actually does, and also that each program has the machine's memory to itself; both of these are features of virtual memory systems" (Memorymanagement.org, 2010).

The operating system is responsible for managing the memory space allocated to each application and, where relevant, to each user. If there is insufficient ...

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