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Visual representation of the conscious and unconscious

What do you think of the common iceberg visual-depictions of Freud's id, ego and superego, as a way of showing the parts of the psyche that are conscious and unconscious in an easy-to-understand way.
If these images accurately represent Freud's theory on consciousness and personality could you please elaborate on the theory?
Do you agree with the psychoanalytic approach to accessing the unconscious?

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Freud's view of the human mind has always been intriguing. I do agree that his concept (metaphor) of the human mind as being like an iceberg, with the conscious level being visible is extremely accurate.

It also appears that the conscious level would also be considered the working memory of a person, or the information that we can retrieve quickly, or as I like to say "on the tip of your tongue". The ...

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This solution discusses Freud's view of the human mind and the use of the metaphor of the human mind being like an iceberg. This solution also discusses the visual representation of this concept of the unconscious mind and the conscious mind.