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Psychology of Learning: Concept of Mnemonics

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How is the concept of mnemonics used to learn information? Some people seemingly have a gift for remembering names after just one encounter. In many professions, being able to recall names of colleagues, clients, and peers can enhance professional success. How can you use mnemonics to learn and remember names in your future career?

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The solution discusses the psychology of learning including the concept of mnemonics.

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Mnemonic technique and mental imagery are known as ways of organizing information. Mnemonics enable individual to enrich or elaborate material, such as by forming the first letters of words to be learned into an acronym, familiar phrase, or sentence (Matlin, 2009, as cited in Schunk, 2012). Some of the techniques of mnemonics apply imagery. For example; in remembering two words such as honey and bread; one might imagine them interacting with each other (honey on bread). Also by using audiovisual instruction students' imagery can be improved (Schunk, 2012).

In relation to mnemonics elaboration is another process of expanding new information by adding onto it or linking to it that one knows. Elaborations help encoding and retrieval because they link the "to be remembered information" with other knowledge. Recently learned ...

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