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    mnemonics and learning

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    Explain briefly the role of mnemonics and learning.

    describe at least two different mnemonic techniques â?" one that you believe would be beneficial to you and one that you believe would not be beneficial to you.

    explain why and why not

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    First of all, as you explain the role of mnemonics and learning, you might note that it serves as a trigger or link to help connect one's prior knowledge to newly acquired data or facts. One study also suggests that it is a strategy that "provides a visual or verbal prompt for students who may have
    difficulty retaining information" (http://scimath.unl.edu/MIM/files/research/DeLashmuttK.pdf). Mnemonics are "techniques or devices, such as a rhyme or an image, that serve to enhance the storage and the recall of information contained in memory" ...

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    Overview of mnemonics and learning is given.