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Plan for reducing accidents and stress in the workplace

You are a supervisor in a small manufacturing plant and you are part of an internal team which is auditing the plant's practices and procedures. In the course of the review, your team has found several areas which are deficient in having documented procedures and standards. You have taken on the task of developing written procedures for each of these areas.

For this project you are to draft an answer or solution for following scenarios to be given to the company President. Be sure to utilize and cite research in each of the scenarios.

Scenario: You need to construct a plan for reducing both accidents and stress on the plant floor. How would you proceed and why?

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*As a manager, attempt to set out the potential of items that would cause harm to the employees. Next, understand which workers are most at risk from these potential items.

*As a manger, determine ways to eliminate the risks. Thereafter, put into place protective measures.

*Create jobs in such a way that you have specific workers in mind

*Train employees on specific safety measures

*Have employees ...

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