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    The Impact of IT on Managers

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    The nature of work has changed dramatically with the advent of the Information Age. Undoubtedly, the number of files and emails that people create and share has increased significantly each year. Few industries are immune to this proliferation of information. Now, imagine yourself in a managerial role in which you had to keep track of several people and vast amounts of data. What kind of information would you have to process on a daily basis? What tools could you use to simplify your work?

    Discuss three elements of managerial work—one function, one role and one skill—and describe how IT improves the manager's performance of each element.

    Identify one function, one role and one skill associated with managerial work. Identify one example of how IT could improve each of these three things. Evaluate the impact of the IT interventions you identified.

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    One of the major functions associated with managerial work is control. A manager needs to keep a close eye on the functions, tasks and processes performed by the employees and ensure that the work is being performed as the strategic plan, goals and objectives. Managers are required to spot deviations, errors and mistakes at an early stage, so that they can take corrective action at an early stage and avoid such errors from becoming bigger or causing significant damage to the organization. Efficient managers implement proactive risk management strategies and action plans to enhance the controlling function in the organization. Information technology tools have played a major role in enhancing the effectiveness of controlling function of managers. Today's software tools and technologies such as ERP systems provide a comprehensive, bird's eye view ...

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    Discusses the impact of IT on managerial functions, roles and skills.