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    Advertising Strategy

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    Why is it important to have an advertising strategy? How would your strategy differ for product advertising as opposed to service advertising? Why is there a difference? Provide an example of each type of advertising.

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    Advertising a company's products and services is crucial in the marketing campaign. However, these campaigns must be effective in communicating ideas about the products and services to the potential consumers so that there are more chances for them to buy these products and services. Marketing departments, advertising agencies and others concerned with creating advertising campaign bear in mind three goals for effective advertising strategies: promote awareness of products and services; attract the consumers of competitors or stimulate sales; and establish a company's image.

    Businesses follow a general process in connecting advertising into the other promotional strategies and overall marketing goals of the company. There are factors that affect the advertising campaign of companies. A business advertising strategy built in a rational and intelligent manner provides ideas for creative and flexible planning which can build the character of the public face of the company. A strategy ...

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