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    1. Define the term enculturation and identify different types of media and how they influence enculturation. Please explain

    2. Identify different gender stereotypes in media advertising. Please explain and provide examples.

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    1. Enculturation

    Enculturation can be perceived as a lifelong educational process where an individual learns about his or her surrounding culture through instructions, observation, and or experience [Merriam-Webster Dictionary]. The fruits of the process allow that individual to accept or deny their surrounding culture.

    Different types of media

    The media is a means of communication that allows a person or group to convey information to another person or group who is or whom are beyond their physical reach [Merriam-Webster Dictionary]. The term media should not be confused with writings or prints, moving images, voices, and computing, which are tools used to enhance media. In another analogy, one can think of media as a vehicle, while the voices and computing are the tires and engine that enhance the vehicle. The identity of the media recipient dictates the type of ...

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