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Enculturation/Children values and beliefs of a particular society.

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What is the processes of socialization and enculturation?

While consider how culture influences practices such as parenting, child rearing, family structure, sleeping habits, and so on, in a specific culture; answer the question for the following.

Comparison similarities and differences of the processes of socialization and enculturation.

Use a specific culture, provide examples; such-as parenting, child rearing, or family structures on howing how this particular culture influences enculturation.

Please provide references.

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This is the process why an individual acquires the culture specific values and beliefs that shape their behaviors and personality. This is attained through the acquiring of the requirement values and attitude of their culture. An assimilation procedure takes place where the individual adapts to the culture where they live. The practices and the beliefs of the culture are instilled in the person formation of a balance in their identity. This is a gradual process that will end by the acquisition of characteristics and norms of the individual cultures (Granroth, 2003).

The Process of Socializing and Enculturation:

In most scenarios socialization is normally related to enculturation. This is based on the fact that they both refer to the deliberate shaping of the character of an individual through the transformation of their personalities and identity. It has also ...

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Enculturation/children's values and beliefs of particular society is determined.