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    What is a media strategy, media fragmentation, advertising forms

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    A. What is a media strategy? Why should your media strategy mirror your marketing strategy? How does your target market's media consumption affect the strategy?

    b. What is media fragmentation? How does new media contribute to this phenomenon?

    c. How are advertising forms measured? What sources might you access to determine the measurements?

    d. What are the pros and cons of various media selections? What are the advantages of using multi-media placements?

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    Media strategy is related with the pattern that entails how contents and messages about a product and service will be delivered to consumers. It postulates a number of aspects like identification of information regarding its target audience along with determination of the features of the media that will be employed for the deliverance of the messages. The use of this strategy is basically done to persuade the behaviour of the target audience (Vaitilingam, 2009). In present instances of these kind of strategies had centred on an Integrated Marketing Communications come up whereby numerous channels of media like advertising, public relations, events and direct response media are used.

    Media strategy informs the consumers regarding the product as well as about its deliverance, which in present consumer wants the easiest, so it is better that a company's media strategy should mirror its marketing strategy so that consumers get awareness regarding the every feature of product from its core aspects to delivery procedures. The media consumption of target market affect the media strategy of a company in a prominent manner as if a company knows that the target market it is targeting believes in public relation more than advertising the media strategy of the company will be designed according to that findings as with this the company will be more able to attract its target consumers.

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    Media fragmentation can be illustrated as a drift to mounting alternative and consumption ...

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    What is a media strategy, media fragmentation and advertising forms are examined.