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Can advertising be self-ironic?

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Discuss what is and what is not acceptable in today's advertising world.

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The expert determines if advertising can be self-ironic.

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The challenge of any advertising campaign whether it is FedEx or another unrelated organization, is to make the message creative enough to get noticed or to at least draw attention away from the competitor. In today's society, advertisers continue to push the envelope of what is and is not acceptable behavior for marketing purposes. In essence, very few underlying messages are off limits. Most organizations venture into dangerous territory when they rely more on Retro Sexism to relay a message that may otherwise offend certain consumers. Carl's Jr. is one of the first organizations that come to mind, they are an organization that is notoriously known for combining sexuality with their products. For example, a scantily clad vixen may be used as a prop in the commercial to wash cars while eating one of their signature jumbo sized burgers. There was one offensive commercial that insinuated a threesome between two women sharing a burger. It is my belief that the commercial relayed a message to consumers that Carl's Jr. offers enticing products, however it is my overall impression that the commercial stems from an inside joke at ...

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