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    Your brother meets once a month with other local business owners to discuss business and networking, and you have decided to accompany him. coincidentally, this month's discussion topics are Internet promotions and the CAN-SPAM Act.
    Choose 2 or more of the promotional strategies identified below, and discuss why you believe they would be most effective or least effective in attracting customers and new business relationships. include at least one "use" and one "do not use" recommendation for Grandma's Treats. Provide examples to illustrate.
    - direct e-mail
    - cross-media advertising
    - banner advertising
    - target market
    - public relations
    - search engine registration
    - affiliate programs

    Research the CAN-SPAM Act, and explain your findings. Does the act make spam illegal? what specifically must be done? do you agree or disagree with the law?

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    Promotional strategies that are effective today are target market and search engine registration.
    Having a web presence is essential for nearly any business, even if it provides a service to local
    customers that those in other locations are unable to access. Many people use search engines today
    like past generations used the yellow pages. They look for local companies for a variety of products and
    services in their geographical region. An internet user can pull up more than one business at a time,
    which makes comparison on many levels, such as proximity and product offerings much simpler than
    making multiple phone calls or inquiries. Target marketing is also useful for products that must appeal
    to different segments, with different approaches. It allows marketers to use research information or
    data about the different segments, to determine the best approach for each and integrate a logical,
    cost effective marketing strategy.
    Grandma's treats offers baked goods and sweets, as the main focus of its line of products.
    While various forms of promotion or various mixes are more effective for some products than others,
    There are some that can get the attention of potential consumers, regardless of product category.
    For this organization, the strategies chosen are cross media advertising and search engine registration.
    Cross media marketing that integrates the ...

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