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    middleman in virtual world

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    1) Compare and contrast alternative online payment systems.
    2) How is e-business shifting power to consumers?
    3) What should middlemen do to keep their jobs?
    4) Give an example of a middleman in the 'virtual world'.

    Please list references.

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    1) Compare and contrast alternative online payment systems.

    There are several alternative online payment systems. For instance, there are the normal credit and debit cards. On the other hand there are digital wallets that enable fast e-commerce transactions. However, these require the installation of specialized software. Electronic Commerce Modeling Language has made digital wallets very accurate and excellent for use in e-commerce. In addition, there is a large variety of electronic money. This includes money that is exchanged electronically, electronic funds transfer, virtual currency, or digital gold currency. Virtual money has not been very successful; however, there are card systems that provide contactless pre-paid travel cards. For example, in Netherlands there is Chpkrip, an electronic money system for general purpose. The contactless payment systems are popular among users and help them make payments easily.

    2) How is e-business ...

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