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    Social institutions & economic structures

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    1) Explaining why the economic social structure called 'middlemen' forms.

    2) State and defend your position as to:

    a) Whether or not middlemen will continue to exist.

    b) Whether it is good or bad that artists can reach audiences directly.

    3) The literature is replete with examples of how social structures are formed. Is the formation of those social structures inevitable in todayâ??s age of the internet? In other words, how has the internet changed the nature of social structures? Is this good or bad?

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    Middlemen perform the duty of sales and distribution for manufacturers or growers with a product to sell. The service comes from the time and other constraints of the product manufacturer for getting the product to the consumer, which the middleman does. The middleman is usually proficient and has already supplied the framework and property to hold, inventory, and distribute the product. The providing of this service takes the burden of getting the product to the consumer in a timely way and with fewer costs for providing access to the products for consumers.

    I believe that for most businesses the middleman is a viable entity that will continue to perform as the link between producers and consumers. The value they provide in warehousing and supplying the consumer is important for manufacturers who ...

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