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    Economic Middlemen System

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    1) Explaining why the economic social structure called 'middlemen' forms.

    2) State and defend your position as to:

    a) Whether or not middlemen will continue to exist.

    b) Whether it is good or bad that artists can reach audiences directly.

    3) The literature is replete with examples of how social structures are formed. Is the formation of those social structures inevitable in todayâ??s age of the internet? In other words, how has the internet changed the nature of social structures? Is this good or bad?

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    1. Middlemen form as part of the social structure because they make it easier to get products and services to consumers. The people who are middlemen have created structures making it easier to move products and they provide a valuable service to both groups. Retail stores, distributorships, and others that move products for producers are among these middlemen. They provide value by handling part of the marketing, the transportation, the placement and pricing of products. People can access the products more easily from a store than from the manufacturer.

    Manufacturers do not have the capacity to market their products in many industries. The manufacturer also has limited space and interest in selling to consumers directly because of the costs and capital involved in setting up a completely different structure for sales. Middlemen provide a structure and a place where product of all types are offered and the public consumer can shop for the ...

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