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    What kind of business can be operated as a Sole Proprietorship

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    Which of the following businesses can be operated as a sole proprietorship?

    a. any business, so long as there re no employees other than the proprietor
    b. any business
    c. any business, so long as the number of employees is not excessively large.
    d. any service-type business
    e. any business, so long as revenues are not excessively large

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    Best answer: b. any business

    Why? Any business has the option; however, sole proprietorship is not advantageous for larger companies, even if there is only one owner, because of the advantages, such as tax breaks, other types of businesses offer. The sole proprietorship has a sole owner, but can have ...

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    This solution identifies the kind of business that can be operated as a Sole Proprietorship, and explains why.