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    Applying Relevant Law as a Manager & Legal Forms of Business

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    1. Select a business activity or issue with which you are familiar. For that business activity in that industry or company, discuss how business managers apply the law that is relevant, and identify under what circumstances lawyers should become involved. Discuss alternative outcomes that could have arisen. Was the outcome the best possible? Why or why not? Support your discussion with material from the text or other sources, where appropriate.

    2. Differentiate between two legal forms of doing business. Discuss their differences and the benefits and liabilities between the two. Provide an example business. What would be the preferred form of business, and why?

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    1. Assume that our business is performing in the service industry. In the service industry employees create services rather than tangible objects. Organizations ranging from house decorators to consulting firms, restaurants, and even entertainers are types of service businesses. Thus it does not result in the customer's ownership of anything. Business managers in this industry have to deal with laws governing customer relations, treatment of labor and generally relations with employees, safety and protection issues (Health and Safety), anti-discrimination laws (age, gender, disabilities, race, and in some jurisdictions, sexual orientation), minimum wage laws, union laws, workers compensation laws, and annual vacation or working hour's time. There are also licenses required, either due to special laws that govern entry into ...

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