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Cognitive Process

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Can someone help me with a brief description of one cognitive process (perception, memory, learning, attention, intelligence, emotion) as well as explain how social and cultural factors might affect that cognitive process?

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I've chosen the cognitive approach to emotion.

The main concept to keep in mind is that the cognitive process is something posited against an intuitive theory - one where the mind automatically reacts to events. Only when the reaction occurs does the mind "cope" with the emotion. Cognitive theory rejects this, and stresses how the mind will appraise the events or people causing the emotionally-charged situation.

In the cognitive model, emotion derives from a thought process that relates to events.

Here is a good academic paper on the subject:

The author here deals with the cognitive process in a strong way - its called 'appraisal theory.' Cognitive appraisal is one of the stronger versions of the cognitive concept of emotion. It's also one that has a great amount ...

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The expert examines the cognitive processes social and cultural factors.