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Cognitive Maps and Strategic Reasonning

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What is the importance of "cognitive maps" as they may lead to different outcomes for each element of the strategic reasoning process. Should organizations strive to reconcile different cognitive maps? Why or why not?

In the readings of de Wit & Meyer, Strategic Synthesis, the mind of the strategist, Ohmae states, "Analysis is the critical starting point of strategic thinking. How can leaders help themselves and others develop "prepared minds" for organizational excellence?

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In order to help you understand the entire concept, a cognitive map is defined as "a mental representation of the layout of one's environment. It seems that many animals, not just humans, are able to form a mental representation of an environment that they have been in or are currently in. For example, when a friend asks you for directions to your house, you are able to create an image in your mind of the roads, places to turn, landmarks, etc., along the way to your house from your friend's starting point. This representation is the cognitive map." Consequently, in business, cognitive maps refer to the ways employees ...

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This solution discusses how cognitive maps assist in the strategic reasoning process.