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Strategically Relevant Dimensions of a Business Plan

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For this assignment and other case assignments that require a strategic group map, you need to prepare only the final maps. You do not need to list all of the steps and decisions needed to develop them. However, for this Discussion Forum, please document all of the steps needed to create a specific strategic group map for the beer industry. Then create a strategic group map, based upon the following industry definition.

The beer industry is comprised of for-profit companies that brew beer anywhere in the world for sale in the United States. Non-alcoholic beers are not part of this industry. Specialty beers, such as cherry beer, although very small in volume, are part of this industry.

What is "strategically relevant" about each of your two dimensions?

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The solution discusses strategically relevant dimensions of a business plan.

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The two dimensions, price/quality and geographic locations, are two of the competitive characteristics that differentiate the firms in the ...

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