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International marketing plan for security scanners at airports

Marketing body scanners for security at the airports.

The marketing plan should follow marketing guidelines. How do we plan to market the product in a foreign country?

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When trying where to decide to market body scanners in foreign countries there several considerations that should be carefully studied to make a sound business decision for the company and its shareholders. Should the marketing/management group try and enter a relatively easy that does already trades with the US or should they go after the countries that harder to do business with for socio economic reasons? Some markets are strategically important because of their market size or potential or because of their labor cost structure, or technology. Obviously body scanning technology is extremely high tech so the firm may want to have operations in a country such as India that is forefront of the relevant field.

Once the firm has decided to become global, deciding what country or countries to enter - and in what sequence - is a key challenge. Entering any new market can be risky and take away ...

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This solution discusses an international marketing plan for security scanners at airports.