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How item-branching technology help with ACT and other tests

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Discuss the various uses of item-branching technology. Think of your experience with commonly administered tests (e.g., GRE, ACT, U.S. Constitution test, driver's license test, visual and hearing acuity tests) and discuss how this technology could be helpful in the development and administration of these tests.

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Item branching technology is advancements in technology that is used by the government, airports, banks, schools and other establishments for security, safety, cost control and collaborative learning. The government is now using this technology to collect data that helps compare and contrast which government programs are working, which ones needs to be changed and which ones need to be eliminated. This can help cut down on government spending while still providing citizens with more cost-effective, higher quality and more timely governmental services.

Airports use this type of technology to provide citizens a safer more secure airport. Body scanners can now detect hidden weapons, drugs and other devices that could potentially harm others that are traveling. While security was established prior to these scanners, many individuals were still able to board planes with weapons and other harmful objects. Today with the added ...

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