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How to Find New Distribution Channel

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As a brand manager for a food product. You have been challenged with finding a new distribution channel for a product under your brand supervision. How would you approach this challenge and then outline this new distribution channel.

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To determine a new distribution channel I would consider the product and the current distribution channels. Let's assume that this item is a food product that has been distributed through distributors up to this point. If this is the case, one could consider various other distribution channels, including going direct to the consumer via a website or mail order service, branching into direct sales, or servicing different channels of trade, including wholesalers One might also consider distributing directly to restaurant or food service operations. To determine the best avenue, it would be important to weigh the pros and cons of each. By setting up a website ...

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This solution is from the view of a brand manager for a food product. He has been challenged with finding a new distribution channel for a product under his brand supervision. The solution discusses how to approach this challenge and outlines this new distribution channel.

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