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    Complex Data Binding

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    What is complex data binding? What advantages can this capability lend to a multiple-table database application? Present an example of a situation where complex binding would be appropriate in an application and discuss why this approach is needed in this scenario.

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    ADO.NET perspective to binding data to various controls such as ListControls and DataGrids.
    Data binding is necessary to link the Web or Windows form's UI controls to the data that is retrieved from a data source. When the control is activated or initiated, an underlying manager goes about initiating whatever was bound to the control (for example, a data retrieval using a SqlDataAdapter that fills a DataSet that is bound to a DataGrid). The whole binding mechanism does all of the heavy lifting of mapping the control to the data (like a DataSet, DataTable, and so on). What you will see is that if you know how to bind data to a ListBox ...

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