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    Determine the Maximum Binding Constant for a Protein Complex

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    Plot the following data using a Sacatchard type plot. The change in fluorscence is proportional to binding.

    A) Determine the max binding constant for the protein complex.

    Realtive Fluorescence (Response) [Protein] nM (concentration of added protein)

    5.70E+04 | 0
    5.73E+04 | 0.1
    5.78E+04 | 0.3
    5.89E+04 | 1
    6.03E+04 | 3
    6.13E+04 | 10
    6.17E+04 | 30
    6.18E+04 | 50

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    Scatchard plots show:

    Bound/Free vs. Bound

    That's all there is to it. If we plot this, the x-axis intercept will be the Bound(max).

    We have to transform the data so that it makes sense. The raw data given in the question is "relative fluorescence" and "protein concentration." ...

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    The solution provides the required sacatchard plot of the data in an attached excel sheet along with an explanation of what this represents and how to determine the maximum binding constant from the graph just formed.